I wouldn't normally have time to compete in Ludum Dare, and in fact I haven't for over two years, but this weekend just gone I found myself in a rare scenario where I had a full weekend on my hands, so I thought I'd get involved.

Being a big advocate for Haxe and NME I knew I wanted to use that somehow, in combination of Box2D (I like physics games :)). Coding was done in TextMate and the terminal, art in Photoshop and the audio is my own voice recorded on an iPod and edited with Audacity.

The theme was Tiny World, which let me to thinking of Mario Galaxy style games, with lots of small globes.

What I ended up with was a small game where you play a nuke bomb blowing it's way up across a galaxy of globes. The game ... read more

Posted: 2012-04-23
Author: Dean Nicholls

I got lots of lovely Christmas presents from my wonderful family this year. Including socks, gloves, vouchers, watch, manly smell etc. and I love them all, thank you :)

However the reason I tell you this is because of 2 presents which will help make me a more cultured and interesting person... maybe. The Mrs. bought me a ... read more

Posted: 2012-01-02
Author: Dean Nicholls

I couldn't sleep too well last night. Partly because I'd stayed up to do the countdown and what not, partly because my little girl wasn't well and was throwing up all over her room, and partly because I'd stole an hour or two to work on the site.

Here's what I've added: ... read more

Posted: 2012-01-01
Author: Dean Nicholls

Happy New Year World!

I've had a fair few new years resolutions in my time on this little blue green planet and I'll be honest I've only had a handful make it past March (if that!). And those have been easy ones to keep like "I'll release a new flash game" or "I'll learn [X] language". But this year I'm going to make a pretty important one.

This year I'm ... read more

Posted: 2011-12-31
Author: Dean Nicholls